MJJV • Marijuana Joint Ventures

Marijuana Joint Ventures

MJJV is owned and operated by American Business Capital Corporation, Registered Investment Advisor.

MJJV coordinates partnerships between interested entities and established cannabis companies and brands.

MJJV Portfolio

Established, Profitable Companies • Reputable, Top-Selling Brands

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More than $65 million in combined gross sales from companies and brands represented
Number of customers from companies and brands represented
Hours of Cannabis-Industry Experience
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MJJV Services

MJJV will create the joint venture that is right for you.

Step One

MJJV will interview the inquiring entity to understand their desires and their capabilities.

Step Two

To those entities that MJJV thinks will be appropriate partners, MJJV will present joint venture options.

Step 3

MJJV will create a business plan and smart contract so each parties' participation and responsibilities are clear and transparent.

Step Four

The parties will formally enter into a partnership agreement with considerations exchanged.

Step 5

The newly formed partnership will commence under the new joint venture business plan.

Step Six

American Business Capital will provide quarterly financial reports and disbursements on behalf of the partnership.

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